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Natural Medicine – Why a Retreat is good for you

When I lived in Germany over 20 years ago, it was mandatory that employees took a ‘KUR’ meaning – A health retreat to de-stress, learn ways to better manage health care issues, and take time out to refresh. Even better, the company’s health insurance paid for it. “He / she’s on a health cure” was a normal thing to say in Germany, no stigma attached!

In Australia today, we have nothing in place that rewards an employee for taking care of their health. Instead, we live in a society that has created a belief system that equates success with 12-hour working days, taking work home and being accessible 24/7. It’s a sure road to illness and break down.

With chronic health conditions on the rise and mental health issues on the rise, the Jean Hailes foundation health survey 2018 has found two thirds of women feel nervous, anxious and are on edge.

It’s more important than ever to take time out to recharge the battery, settle the nervous system and find new strategies to respond to self-care in a busy, doing world.
One of my favourite ways of doing this is through back-to-nature retreats (either participating in them or holding them!). Here’s why:

1) Be true to you
On retreat, you have a chance to be just you, to stop and do the things that make you happy. Research shows that doing something you like increases your T cells and boosts your overall immune response. Shifting your focus, even for a short time, refuels your tank.

2) Shift the brain fog
Doing things differently, not just doing different things, stimulates the brain and helps develop new neural connections. Refreshing the brain leaves you feeling focused, alive and clear.

3) It’s a one-stop health & healing experience
You’ll be in a safe, natural and healthy environment with experienced facilitators and practitioners exploring topics you’re curious about. This could cover a range of issues such as weight management, healthy eating and nutrition, mental and emotional health, anxiety, menopause, etc. Learning in a time-rich environment (not 15 minutes at the GP, or 2 minutes on the internet), you have a chance to absorb, experience and self-evaluate. Find out what works for you – and how to anchor new positive habits and release the old.

Planning your retreat
A retreat needs to be planned and scheduled into your yearly calendar. Something that is just for you. It does not have to be a big holiday. It can be a two-day get away. The important element is the break away from city stress and societal expectations to just be you and unwind.

So many women wait until it is too late and crisis hits. Just recently, a friend blacked out at work due to stress and work overload. Luckily, she was OK. She heeded the warning sign and took herself off to Bali for a retreat to recover.
Don’t let this happen to you. Make the commitment to care for yourself and go on retreat. I guarantee that you will feel the difference and walk away knowing that you just did something precious for yourself.

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