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Natural Medicine – My top 3 natural remedies to enjoy when on holidays.

Hi everyone, are you all on summer vacation, holidays, winding down and relaxing? Just what the doctor ordered. One of the powerful natural medicines is to utilise the gifts that nature has at our doorstep.

My top 3 natural remedies to enjoy when on vacation.

One – Natural Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important sources for all functions of the body. According to a pub med research article 2018, Vit D has been shown to help heal colorectal cancer, and assists upregulate the body’s immune response. Getting out for just 20 min twice a day, top off, expose your body to the sunlight, at the safest times of the day, Vit D assists with healing of heart disease and even osteoporosis . My advice is – you don’t need to fear the sun. It’s a natural medicine if used wisely and respectively.

Two – Vitamin and Minerals

If you are on the beach walking or swimming in the sea, you are exposed to many minerals that are so good for your wellbeing, these are iodine, potassium, and magnesium. Consciously be aware of this next time you go for a walk, or a swim, and you will see the sea through a wellbeing perspective.

Three – Conscious Breathing

I have mentioned this before, you have all your natural medicine resources at your door step, within you. Conscious breathing is one of them. Next time you are out in nature or walking along the beach, think about your breath and take 10 inwards breaths, from the bottom of your spine right up to your shoulders and then slowly let the air out through an open mouth. This process will really relax you and restore harmony quickly. If you are out walking with a friend or kids, it is fun to do this process together.

Awareness and natural medicine go together

Winding down when on vacation, I remember as being one of the most amazing feelings of my life. Rolling in the sand not a care in the world. Now in my experienced years, I just add a bit more awareness to my day to day activities, like deep breathing when I noticed I am holding my breath to often!

These natural remedies are truly great resources and should be a part of our daily health and wellbeing activities.

Enjoy my tips and let me know how you go.

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