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Mind Matters – The Essential 6 Steps to Mind Potential

What springs to mind when asked the question – what is the single greatest gift to humanity? Some people would say ‘love’, or ‘life’ or ‘children’. To me, the mind is the biggest resource you could ever imagine. It is untapped potential – the greatest gift to humanity, and we don’t even know it.

Have you ever wondered where the mind actually is? No, it’s not in your head. That’s where your brain resides.

So where is the mind and what is the mind? We often say to our children, ‘mind your ways’ or ‘mind that step’ to our grandparents.  That’s playing the small game.

The mind can be described as the total sum of all known existence and then some, meaning it is even more than what we think we know. It is limitless, and one of the great mysteries. As Albert Einstein once said: “The mind that opens to new ideas never returns to its original size.

We acknowledge the mind’s existence when we say things like ‘great minds think alike’, or ‘soothing the heart and mind’. There is so much more to discover, more to uncover. And it can only be discovered and uncovered as we develop new technologies and different ways of applying our skills and resources.

I belong to the school of thought that believes the mind:

  • Is not an object – unlike the brain, it is not tangible or physical, yet it can be perceived.
  • Encapsulates mental states such as beliefs, intents, desires, memory, imagination, consciousness, emotions and thoughts, which effectively make up what we identify as our ‘human-ness’. The mind helps us think and feel and want.


Does your mind help or hinder?

Our mind can be our greatest ally when it comes to promoting emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. How helpful is your mind in bringing you back to being?

Here are some key starting points to working with the mind to bring you back to being:

  1. Develop a wondrous attitude  
  2. Be open to all possibilities
  3. Expect the mind to support you by providing the answers you are seeking
  4. Acknowledge the mind and give thanks
  5. Be aware and observe. The mind communicates to you via people, situations and your inner thoughts!
  6. Slow down and have moments of introspection, or meditation. The mind can’t communicate with you if you are distracted with constant noise and your to-do lists.