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Natural Medicine – How Essential Oils Help Heal Your Body

Essential oils have become increasingly popular as a natural way to promote healing. I’m often asked about them and how to best use them, so I hope to be able to answer some of these questions here!
What are essential oils?
Essential oils are concentrated compounds which come from different parts of a plant or tree via a method called distillation. The scent and active compounds are particular to that plant or tree, and this is called its ‘essence’.

How are essential oils created?
Essential oils are extracted from the plant through distillation processes such as steaming or water heat extraction. Mechanical processes such as cold pressing can also be used.
The way the essential oil is distilled is very important as it determines the quality of the compounds and their active ability. The chemical compounds should not be destroyed or damaged but enhanced by the manufacturing process. This allows the oil to be absorbed and beneficially used by the body.

How are they used?
Essential oils are usually used as a form of aromatherapy. This is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, whereby an aromatherapist would use the essential oils to cure disease and prevent disease.
The scent (essence) of the active compounds is breathed in and works its way along pathways to the brain. Here, they connect with the limbic system, where they create positive changes in mood and motion. They can also be absorbed through the skin with tonics, a mix of carrier and essential oils, or applied neat, which is directly onto the skin.

Aromatherapy has been used as a medicinal and beauty treatment since the days of Cleopatra, when she used rose oil to help preserve her beauty and maintain her stress levels!
I also use pure rose oil as part of my health regime. In today’s busy world and going through menopause, I need as much support as I can get. I place the tiniest amount on my temples in the morning. I have found that this oil keeps me balanced and feeling content and in flow with life, with no hot flushes or emotional highs and lows.
I buy my rose oil from Samaria Farm in Victoria, which I believe is the only place in Australia that distils Damask rose petals, and produces the purest rose oil, with very high standard manufacturing processes.

Cancer and essential oils
More than 160,000 people die each year of cancer. Scientists are bringing together the research of 130 studies to determine if new compounds and chemical entities can be made available to help the body heal from cancer. This is not only exciting but validates the professional medicinal place that essential oils should have in assisting with healing the body.

My cancer journey and essential oils
I can personally speak about the benefits of essential oils as they were part of my cancer healing process and continue to be part of my health regime. It’s important, though, that you work with an aromatherapist or do your due diligence when working with essential oils. They, like any other medicinal compound, can be reactive and have possible side effects. For example, citrus essential oils should not be worn on the skin whilst out in the sun, as they can discolour your skin.

Other benefits

  • Promotes hair and skin regeneration
  • Provides resistance to pathogens (viruses and bacteria)
  • Reduces stress and relaxes the muscles
  • Helps minimise the effect of colds and flu
  • Reduces anxiety and mood disorders

Plus lots more in my favourite book, The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils (by Kurt Schnaubelt. The book looks at the role oils play in treating degenerative disease, why they have advantages over synthetic drugs, and how they can help with cancer treatments.
My favourite way to use essential oils

Essential oils are a living essence, meaning they are intelligent and work with the body systems to harmonise and balance disorder and dysfunction. The body recalibrates and harmonises. This then boosts the immune response and healing occurs.
My favourite way to use essential oils is to put them on my feet before I go to bed! Sleep time is a healing and regenerating time. So use this time to your advantage and try out some healing-promoting essential oils and see how you feel in the morning. You may be amazed at the difference your body feels with a little bit of love and nurturing from nature.

My top 3 sites to purchase oils:

Enjoy your journey to new health with essential oils!


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