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There is a natural healing potential inside all of us just waiting to happen ~ Julie Richardson
Where it all began
Julie Richardson is the founder of Miamba Health International. Her life as the mother of two teenage boys and alternative health care professional was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2015.

During her search for ways to heal she met and befriended indigenous healers in the Cape York community who showed her ancient medicinal ways to boost her immune system and recover from cancer naturally. This experience touched Julie and set her on a path to build a social enterprise model and community that would help people connect and feel well naturally.
Miamba Health International grew from her vision to share the knowledge and know how to help others realise their health potential naturally.
No illness that can be treated naturally should be treated by any other means ~ Julie Richardson

The Miamba Mission

I am on a mission to help communities uncover their innate healing resources
We all have the potential to move consciously into our inner nature and to heal ourselves in our own unique, natural way...if we only knew how. With sacred spaces to explore, free from distractions, we can honour our relationship with self, with nature, with spirit. This is the Miamba way. This is how our story begins.
Miamba products are pure goodness, bringing you the best in Australian nature.
For every product purchased a percentage will go towards community projects promoting natural wellness.