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Welcome To Miamba

Being in the Spirit of Good Health
A social enterprise for feeling well, naturally
Miamba Health International is a social enterprise that promotes well being across different communities. Our name is inspired by the Wurundjeri word ‘Miamba’. It reflects the belief that just like nature, the body has a natural way to take care of its own health given the right resources. Whilst Miamba Health venturers are diverse and ever growing, they all have a special purpose to invite harmony health and well being back into our lives.
Miamba products are pure goodness, bringing you the best in Australian nature. Inspired by ancient bush remedies and distilled from naturally grown Eucalyptus trees, they are a healing range like no other. Restorative for the mind, body and soul.
Over the last 7 years my mother was constantly told by the medical professionals that her feet condition is too difficult to treat without powerful drugs and side effects and no guarantees of success. The Flow Cream however has been very impressive. With neither strong ‘locker room’ odour, nor heat when applied. It has worked miracles in a very short span of time – just magic!!

Free AU Shipping On All Orders Over $100

Meet The Maker
Julie Richardson
founder of Miamba Health International.
Her life as a single mother of two teenage boys and working as an alternative health care professional was turned upside down after she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in early 2015. During her search for ways to heal, she met and befriended an indigenous healer in the Cape York community who showed her ancient medicinal ways to boost her immune system and recover from cancer naturally. This experience transformed Julie so deeply, at a foundational level that it gave her the courage, determination and commitment to build a social enterprise community that will support people to move into the same magic to feel empowered and well.

Miamba Health International grew from her vision to share the
knowledge and know how to help others realise their innate ability
to heal naturally.

What's Coming Up

Back-to-Being Nature Retreats
Mid-week and weekend programs coming soon
Modern day professional women are so busy with work and family that there’s little time to investigate wellness experiences. Chronic health issues are at an all-time high. We believe the solution lies in connecting back to nature and bringing you back to being. Our body is wired for health and wellbeing naturally. It just needs to be given the right resources, skills and environment to become aware and shift back to what it does best, keeping you well.

These retreats are for you if you:

find it tough to give yourself permission to take care of yourself
have tension and tightness in the body
your tired and worn out and feel like ‘you’re doing it alone’ despite being surrounded by family, friends and peers.
The stress of city life is getting to you
Retreats are (held in collaboration with the Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation) you will experience ancient wisdom, sacred spaces and a holistic journey within the spectacular High Country of Victoria. Yea, Seymour, Strathbogie. It’s time for rejuvenation and discovering the calm in you.